Clayton's Quest

Personal Post-Mortem (1/9)


Clayton's Quest was a game developed across 26 weeks, by five developers (comprised of three programmers and two artists). It is a Collect-a-Thon Action-Adventure 3D Platformer, and was our final project to be made while in college. We created it while we were still attending other classes, so if you are not a college student, there will be some advice for time management down the line that you may not care for. If you haven't played it, feel free to download it for Windows for free here! FREE. We advise that you play with a USB controller, but you can still use Mouse and Keyboard. Or you can break our hearts by reading this and not playing our game, the choice is yours!

Anyways (one shameless self-promotion and one guilt-trip later)...

Hopefully you will find the information in the following Post-Mortem useful for your own project! My name is Jayson Bennett, and I was primarily the rigger and animator for Jamroot Games on Clayton's Quest, but like most other Indie Devs, I wore a few additional hats. Comedy was not one of them. I'll be detailing how my team approached the development process of the game from start to finish, and as a bonus, my personal experiences with rigging and animating with Maya and Motionbuilder with regards to the Unity Engine.

"Oooh, look! A butterfly!"