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Personal Post-Mortem (5/9)

"Your game sucks." - The Silver Lining of Negative Feedback

  "Oooh, look! A butterfly!"

"Oooh, look! A butterfly!"

"Your game sucks" A special note on the silver lining of negative feedback

  • Never take it to heart: ALL FEEDBACK CAN BE CONSTRUCTIVE
  • Ask follow-up questions: Why does it suck? What part did you not like? How might we improve it? Etc.,
  • For developers who are better at the games they make than their players.. Ask yourself, is it because you've sunk hours into your game compared to your players, or because you understand your own mechanics and haven't properly prepared your audience?
    • If either of these are true, you must iterate to solve the problem, which may mean making your game painfully more easy and/or transparent